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Making Music with Ableton Push 2 Vol.1

Become a confident music maker as we turn your basic ideas into finished pieces of music. Understand the entire music making process, what's involved and what to avoid.

*This course was formerly known as Produce with Push 2
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47 HD Videos

A multi-angled video series to help keep you engaged.

Downloadable Project

Follow along with a complete project of the finished track.

Complete Your Music

This guided series will guarantee completed music every time.
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Easy to Follow Instruction

This course, as with all my courses, is designed with you in mind. Use this course as a template for your next track and many more to come.
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Ableton Push 2 Fundamentals

It can be a little daunting getting over the hurdle of learning a new piece of kit. We break down all the barriers to get that music out of you!
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Navigation + Loading

The faster you can find something, the easier it is to stay in the flow. Accessing what you need when you need it will make all the difference.
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Drum Programming + Sequencing

The most fundamental aspect in music is the basic groove and beat. But how do we build a groove and what drums do we put when and where?
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Building Basic Ideas

We're not here to write the next festival banger, we're here to get you get you comfortable making and finishing music with ease.
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Sample + Device Editing

Once we have our sounds and samples, there is so much we can do to them to sculpt them into the ideas in our heads.  
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Recording Harmonies

Note mode is one of Ableton Push 2's most powerful features. Most people don't understand its capabilities and how expressive it can be.
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Chord Progressions + Structure

Anyone can write chords, it's really not that hard. But, there is so much we can do to improve upon those basic chord progressions and ideas.
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Melodic Layering

There are many melodic elements all working together in a piece of music. But where and how do these melodies work best? 
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Audio Effects + Processing

One of the most fun aspects of making music is taking your ideas and enhancing them with Audio Effects. There is a whole new world to discover!
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Master Session View

Session View is where we get our basic ideas down before building a powerful arrangement. But, we can use it to do some of the heavy listing for us.
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Perform + Record

We have total control over when the changes happen in our music. Use this technique to feel out those changes. It's the best way!
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Build a Powerful Arrangement

One of the pitfalls of most music makers is building an arrangement that actually works. How do we keep it interesting for the listener?
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Working with Other Musicians

Collaboration is a tried and tested technique to get your creative juices flowing. Learn how the collaboration process works and the result!
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Complete + Share Your Music

I mean what's the point of all this if no one gets to hear your music? If you follow the steps, completing your music is pretty much guaranteed. 
Meet YOUR instructor
For more than 10 years I've been fortunate enough to train thousands of DJs, producers and artists around the world, how to make and perform music.

Making music isn’t just for the gifted few who can harness “creativity”. It’s just a skill that can be learned and with enough hard work you can get pretty damn good at it.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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